To the people who fill the role, we appreciate you. Happy Father’s Day to you! With love from


For , One of our year 6 students took pride in his collection by Scott Cawthon. Needless to say, he can’t wait for the 9th edition (which he’s preordered!)


All set up for Monday....the new small world in Reception is based on the Gruffalo and ready for the children!


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Stress destroys neurons in the brain 🧠 Keep stress to a minimum if you want to remember better...


Have now! Thank you so much for the mention. Looks exciting!


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As we head into the final few weeks of term, make sure you’re prepared for Thank a Teacher Day on 23 June! To get your school involved, enter one of the competitions or send a free thank you card to someone who deserves it 🎉


We have so many Times Table Rockstars - but check our one of our Year 3 experts!


Safety is priority! Welcoming the into school yesterday, our Y5 and Y6 children enjoyed discussing the importance of safety while on the street! Thank you PC Emma and PC Martin for your time!


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Yesterday we visited . Photo featuring PC Martin chatting about personal safety! Thank you for having us, the students were great😁


Bringing learning to life, Miss Hasan brought some friendly folks to help with her RWI session: an experience that the children will remember for many years to come! The less shell-tered the learning, the better!


It’s a wonderful thing when children can reflect on their learning. Currently reading ‘Pig-Heart Boy’ by , our Y6 children created - using - which they reviewed with Miss Arli. Great work Y6 team!


Welcome to Benson's Bug Hotel - Year 2 have been exploring the environment and have created a Bug Hotel for all of the little bugs!


It’s all about Brazil in Year 5 this term! As global citizens, we believe it is important to educate the future generation about the world around us, and our children have done us proud once again! Well done Year 5!


With our theme changing to Family this term, Year 4 have researched the inspirational life of a figure who dedicated his entire life to uniting a once fragmented nation: Nelson Mandela. Great work Y4!


Team Building at HPAB today during our Inset Day....and we have blindfolded drawing and lots of laughter!


A massive congratulations to our ‘parent-author’ Jennifer Brooks for publishing your children’s book, ‘Captain Samuel & The Stinky Pirates’. We look forward to reading more of your work in the future!


Such a great idea, may have to magpie this 💭


As part of our Community Champions programme this month (theme: Wildlife), our Year 2 children have rescued a bumblebee! Well done Year 2!


This week in , we take a look into the inner workings of brilliant work taking place in Year 4. Alongside the invaluable core learning taking place, the children have learned about various cultures which make up our community. Great work team!


It’s as though the weather knew they’d be back today! Wonderful day equalled by the wide smiles seen around the school today. Glad to have you all back!

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All Academies in our Federation aim to transform the lives of the students they serve by bringing about rapid improvement in examination results, personal development and aspiration.

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School lunches

School Lunches

Chosen by over 25,000 Chartwells children – our Food Super Heroes are there to educate, excite and delight students every lunch time. Inspired by the high street, they're great for getting across nutrition messages at an early age through each character’s special powers. We’d like the characters to become well known to you too, so when your child mentions Sadie the Sweetcorn you’ll know exactly who they’re talking about!

The cast of colourful characters really come to life at lunchtime. Food Super Heroes feature on the menus, on activity-based place mats and stickers - it’s all part of feeding both your children and their imaginations.


primary schools image-01


Doc the Kiwi knows just what the team needs to keep on top of its game. She helps our heroes stay healthy by boosting their immune systems and preventing illness.


primary schools image-01


The leader of the team, Boss the Banana’s fibre helps keep everything running smoothly. When our team gets stuck, the Boss is always around to get things moving again.


Packed full of iron to help growing minds work better, Brains the Broccoli is always
on the ball to hatch perfect plans for the team.

primary schools image-01


The Pasta Pack are an unruly bunch, each with their own unique personality. Their wholegrain powers make them passionate with strong hearts, and they’ll stop at nothing to defend the team.

primary schools image-01


Sadie’s an eager explorer who travels the world and loves to share stories of her exciting adventures. Sweetcorn is full of good stuff and can help you feel fuller for longer - which means less time snacking on bad stuff and more time to enjoy good stuff like exploring!

primary schools image-01


Casey the Carrot’s superhero levels of vitamin A keep her eyes sharp... even in the dark!
She’s always looking out for the team.


primary schools image-01


Barry the Beans packs a mighty protein punch! He’s a real body builder, using his muscle
power to help build the teams energy and spirit.

primary schools image-01


Silvertop’s super-charged calcium levels give him his super-strong bones.
Our heroes can always rely on him during their adventures.

primary schools image-01


Bud ’n’ Jud the Spuds are big, but they’re bursting with energy thanks to their carbohydrate super-power. When there’s hard physical work ahead, Bud and Jud are raring to go!


primary schools image-01

primary schools image-01


Hydra is always working hard to fight off evil toxins that stop the team from performing at their best. She never rests, rarely makes mistakes and her powers of concentration are immense!



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