Our children had an exciting time with . Learning about and meeting some of the great and small animals that inhabit our lovely planet. Thank you Matt and Kelly!


Our final Year 6 currently representing the USA at our carnival today!


Year 6 representing Greece at our Carnival


Hawaii vwlery well represented by our Year 4's at Carnival


Year 4 representing Hawaii at our Carnival now!


Year 3 representing Barbados right now and doing an amazing job!


Carnival is starting and the sun is shining.....the music of the carnival is here!


Year 2 up next representing Jamaica!


Year 2 did a great job representing Jamaica at the Carnival


Italy is at the Carnival with Year 2 representing them! Great job guys!


Year 1 are representing Italy today with some fabulous moves


Reception Class did so well. They were fiert up representing Spain for Carnival


Almost ready for the opening of Carnival 2021! @


Virtual dance workshops for our Year 5's...nothing will stop us having fun on Carnival Day!


A sneaky peak at carnival prep this morning!


Sports Day fun today....the children did well and so did the parents in the 'parent' race!


Blast from the past in Year 3! Their emersive Egyptian experience is engaging to say the least! Thank you


We started our week of Sports Days with EYFS this morning. It was so lovely to finally invite a limited number of parents in to watch their first Sports Day. There was lots of fun had by all!


We welcomed all of our new Reception children to HPAB with a Teddy Bear's Picnic! A great opportunity to meet our new starters in preparation for a September start!


In keeping with our theme, the year 2s have been learning about the Kenyan environment including African culture, literature and art! Surely that qualifies for ?

Harris Academies
All Academies in our Federation aim to transform the lives of the students they serve by bringing about rapid improvement in examination results, personal development and aspiration.

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The academy teaches all subjects of the National Curriculum and RE. The curriculum has been developed and overhauled to ensure that it is broad and balanced, and relevant for the pupils and families who attend the academy. The Governors and Senior Leaders work to ensure that the curriculum places a clear emphasis on the promotion of British Values through the curriculum. There is a strong promotion of SMSC across the academy, with cross curricular links which are referenced within curriculum maps.

We follow the maths mastery programme to teach maths at the school, with children enjoying maths lesson involving partner practice, focussed learning, practical application, recording with challenge, and further deeper thinking questions.

In writing, our key texts are linked to the curriculum, ensuring that writing is purposeful, relevant and exciting. From Reception, children are taught phonics through the Read Write Inc. programme to ensure they develop the skills needed to read in a systematic and proven manner. Children are taught in small ability groups, with specially trained Read Write Inc. tutors. Following this, children experience reading lessons every morning with their class teacher, focussing on reading skills and comprehension of texts.

Equality curriculum intent 
Harris Primary Academy Benson welcomes all children and values them as individuals, treating them equally and with respect. We believe that all children have the right to have their own needs incorporated into their curriculum in order to achieve success through the following approaches;

  • Provide an accessible environment, which is secure and safe, so that all our children can flourish.
  • We believe that all teachers are teachers of children with special educational needs and it is therefore a whole school responsibility to ensure that these children’s needs are addressed.
  • Through staff working together as a team, and in partnership with pupils and their parents and carers, we strive to ensure that our aims are met.
  • Ensure all staff are aware of anti-discriminatory practice, promoting and valuing equality and diversity.
  • Promote early identification of children with additional needs to ensure interventions are in place to address their needs.
  • Monitor the progress of all our children to ensure they are meeting their full potential.
  • Work with all external agencies and organisations
  • To build relationships with other schools within our community including specialist and out-with Harris Federation.
  • We ensure that our curriculum is fully inclusive and will not discriminate against the protected characteristics: age, disability, gender, gender identity, race, religion or belief and sexual orientation.  
  • Our inclusive teaching approach ensures that all children can access the learning using resources and strategies that they may need, including modified language, additional support or resource.
  • Follow the guidance in the SEN Code of Practice, Equalities Act 2014 and The Special Educational Needs and Disability Regulations 2014

To view the year's curriculum, please see the whole school overview below.

For more detailed information, please see each year group's individual page, which can be accessed here.

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